Hormel Pepperoni

Pepperoni, a native Italian food, has been a longtime American favorite and a well-known Hormel Foods specialty. This popular sausage is medium-chopped and seasoned with red pepper and fine spices, giving it a hot sensation with a sweet aftertaste. Today, Hormel® pepperoni is number one in the United States, thanks to its great flavor and high quality.

Everyone knows pepperoni tastes great on pizza, but enterprising cooks rely on pepperoni’s delicious spicy flavor to add zest to a wide variety of dishes. In addition to perking up pizza, pepperoni is an ideal partner for sandwiches, salads, pasta or nachos!

A Pepperoni for Every Palate

We offer a wide variety of pepperoni shapes, sizes and flavors. Hormel® diced pepperoni, Hormel® bite-size pepperoni, Hormel® extra-thick slices pepperoni and Hormel® sandwich style pepperoni are some of our favorites.

If you love that spicy, zesty kick of pepperoni, check out Hormel® hot & spicy pepperoni. Hormel® mild pepperoni, on the other hand, isn’t as spicy as the rest of our pepperoni family.

Like it sliced thick? Try Hormel® pepperoni stick products – a tasty alternative that lets you decide how to slice your pepperoni..

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